Library Elf

Track Your Items with Library ELF

Receive email alerts for items before they are due or become overdue.

Receive alerts for availability of requested items placed on hold.

Customize exactly how and when you want to be alerted.


How Do I Get It?

Signing up is simple with Library ELF. Have your Library Card Number ready. Click Here to Sign Up.

Be sure to choose “CT-Bibliomation” from the list of libraries. Note: you can register for alerts from more than one library. This is especially useful if a family member also uses a non-Bibliomation library.

Please let us know if you have signed up for Library ELF. We will take you off our call list for holds and overdues. Note: you will still receive a paper bill for items more than 3 weeks overdue.

Privacy Notice

Library ELF is a private service not affiliated with the Ansonia Library. You use Library ELF at your own option and risk. Users of Library ELF are required to submit personal information, including library card barcodes and PINs, to a database unaffiliated with and located outside the Library. Please read Library ELF’s Privacy Policy and FAQ before deciding to sign up for the service.